As I know rules are extremely hard to understand, we here at the Commissioner’s Office has been investing in language lessons so that you may understand it clearly.

Crease Rule

At no time shall any player be in the blue crease, either static, or skating through.  If this occurs, the referee is to blow the play dead, and face off is outside at the face-off dots.


  1. The puck is in the crease, the player MAY ENTER the crease to shoot the puck.
  2. If another player who does NOT touch the puck enters the crease, the play will be called dead and face-off outside.
  3. If the player entering the crease to get to the puck has any contact or interferes with the goalies movement in the crease, this will be called GOALIE INTERFERENCE and the play will be called dead and a penalty will be given.
  4. If you skate with the puck through the crease, the play is called dead and face-off outside.
  5. If a player is pushed IN TO THE CREASE by the opposing team, the play will only be called dead IF the player does not 100% attempt to get out immediately.  If they appear to not 100% attempt to do this, the play is called dead and face-off outside.

REMINDER:  Any contact with the goalie results in a 2 minute GOALIE INTERFERENCE penalty.


At no time shall any player raise their stick above their shoulders.  One would think this is straight forward, but clearly some people don’t get it.

If you raise your stick above your shoulders with no one around when the puck comes near you, that is called and you receive a 2 minute penalty and sit in the box but your team is NOT penalized.  You may leave the box on the next whistle after your 2 minutes expires.

If you raise your stick above your shoulders and in the referees opinion it is near an opposing player, it is a 4 minute high sticking penalty that counts against your team.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE OTHER PLAYER TO BE CALLED FOR THIS………….


Don’t raise your stick over your shoulders.  At no point in any hockey game is this acceptable so to argue against these penalties just makes one look foolish.

Don’t be foolish, be a stud.  Lower your stick, play safe! (pun intended).

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