Hot summer trade action!

There was hot summer trade action in the PHN  last night as the Nords and Stars hammered out a blockbuster!

Rational and ruthless

In a display of rational and ruthless salary cap management  Captain Moe of the Stars sent Bulldog Cali packing to the Nords in exchange for the low cost, low mileage baby face Justin O!

“This is the new North Stars style,” said Captain Moe.  “i’m here to send a message to the team, and the league.  Whatever we did before we are going to do cheaper, better and faster.”

Nords manager Alfie “Adult Film Star” said the trade represented him sticking to the leadership style he perfected with his last team the oh so often awful Chiefs.

“We look like we know what we’re dong at the draft and pick high, but we still usually stink the joint out for most of the regular season.”

“This is business as usual,” he added “except this time we are also making sure Baby Face Olsen gets away from his cousin and might grow some facial hair with another team.”

Asked if was worried about Bull Dog coming back to bite him in the ass Captain Moe said, “Our leading scorer happens to be an expert in canine psychology – we’re not scared of Bull Dog, Pit Bull or Cujo.”

PHN scribe notes that he left Lassie, Old Yeller, The Littlest Hobo and Bark Andre Furry off his list, but on to the the other big trade!

Stud Swap

The Nords were in on another deal last night with the Wendy’s.

This one was a stud swap with Sammy B gong to the Wendy’s in exchange for Tom C.

If this sounds like an episode of the Bachlorette, where last names are never used, well that’s the point.

“Look, many a lady has offered a rose to both these guys” said the PHN’s  VP of Corruption, know by many as Captain Morgan, even though he’s more of a Sailor Jerry guy.

“They’re hunky dream boats who know how to stick handle.”




New Manager has MoeJo

New Stars manager Captain Moe has really impressed the PHNPA President.

“That kid knows his ways around a spreadsheet,” said Mel Dawg.

“He excels at at Excel” said Mel Dawg “there’s a new breed of management in the PHN and other captains are going to have to up their game.”

Mel Dawg added that both trades were compliant with the PHN CBA.

The VP of Corruption said all teams are within the PHN salary cap (wink wink).

Look out for more trade news possibly even at game time!

Oh and watch the highlights from winter if you haven’t, they’re epic!

Nice job on those Niner and thanks to the competition committee who supervised this arduous process!










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