As Iggy hangs them up, Flames make huge signing!

Image result for iginla golden goalAs one of the greats hangs them up today, #12 Jerome Iginla surely is just the mandatory wait away for his Hall of Fame eligibility!  In honour of such a great warrior for the Flames and Team Canada, the Godfathers and Flames have swapped players for tonight.  Making his debut in the playoffs for the Flames will be the Godfathers 4th line defenseman, #3, otherwise known as 25.  Going the other way, in what appears to be a preview for the offImage result for iginla team canada season free agency frenzy, A-Dawg Derlago will be donning the Black and Grey colours of the Godfatherless Godfathers!

Should be an epic match in game #1 of the Toilet Bowl!  Will the Flames prevail using Iggy’s retirement as motivation?

Could this set the stage for bad blood between the teams?

Is this a way to get #3 out of the dressing room of the Godfathers and away from Tsanger?  Will that even reduce the amount of trash talk that goes on between them, or will it only increase now that they are on different teams?

“You think I really care that we traded our 5th or 4th line D to the Flames? I am going to dance around that guy like I do at my Friday night ballet lessons when we do the Swan Lake recitals!!!!  He won’t even see my tutu hit him!”, said co-Captain Barbuto when asked about how this will affect his team tonight.

Whatever the case, game 1 of the Toilet Bowl will be a doozie!

See you on the ice!


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