The Oil Prospect McDavid Scores Sick Goal

Dunne said it before…. McDavid, their future prospect, is going to light up the minors before his chance at the show!

See this goal against the minor league team for the Wendy’s!  McDavid, knowing the scouties were in the stands from The Oil, decided to put on a highlight reel goal against the The Wendy’s farmies.  Totally undressing Reilly, who now seems destined never to make the big club, then stuck it to the fans with one of the best goals of the year.

“I told you I can scout and know talent.  People had their doubts about McDavid, but I know who the real McJesus is in the PHN, and it isn’t Steve.  That guy thinks he walks on water, but McJesus SKATES on water!!!!!  Watch out PHN, because when he shows up, Alfie is going to look like a pin drop in the net….”, said The Oil GM and Captain, Dunner.



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