The Playoffs are here! PHN Playoffs 101!

The PHN Winter 2018-2019 Playoffs are here!!  All you need to know about the playoffs below:


2 game series with total points (2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie)

If teams are tied at the end of the second game in points, then the following will happen:

5 min sudden death 3v3 OT

If no goal is scored, then a 5 player shootout happens.  Any 5 shooters can go, and every player on the team must shoot once before someone shoots a second time.

Wild Card

The three series winners will advance to the semi’s.  Of the losing teams, the following will occur for the wild card!

  1. Most points
  2. Most wins
  3. Regular season standings

Toilet Bowl

The losing teams will advance to a 2 game Toilet Bowl series.  OT rules same as above.


1 game winner takes all semis!  OT rules are the same as above!

Championship Game

OT rules are 5v5 till we have a winner!



See you on the ice,

The Commissioners

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