Chiefs win! Chiefs win! Chiefs win!

Congratulations to Alfie, Pilot Mike, the Chief players and their fans for winning the PHN Summer 2018 Championship!!!!

In a fantastic game, the Chiefs come away with a huge win!  Shout out to the Bulldog for winning his first ever PHN Championship!!! After years of toiling in the basement with the now defunct The Oil, Bulldog was picked up in the Dispersion Draft by the Chiefs.  The Chiefs faired no better in the regular season, as they finished dead last, and I mean DEAD LAST!!!!  Bulldog, contemplating his future, gave it one last go, and low and behold, how the fallen have risen!!! The Chiefs went on to defeat the might Mustangs who have been described as the Detroit Red Wings of before!  Congrats to the entire Chief nation!!!

Can they repeat their success???  Now expectations are there……

Bombers win the Consolation Championship!!  Congrats to first year management Zaritsky and Buttice for a terrific season that saw the Bombers shed their lack lustre performances of the past and become a hard working team.

Flames win the Toilet Bowl!!!

In dramatic overtime fashion, the Flames snatched the Toilet Bowl from the Godfathers with just 27 seconds off the clock in OT! The Godfathers jumped for joy as the Flames secured their first Toilet Bowl Championship, lead by perennial studs Berts and Pags.  Congrats to the Flame organization on their trophy winning season!!!

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