PHN Summer Update June 25, 2020

PHN Nation!

Firstly, the Commissioners hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy, have been working out like crazy, and we just assume you are in way better shape since the break given all this spare time you have had to hit the weights.  The PHN will be looking to cash in with some hot calendars of our ripped athletes.  Yes, we are looking at TSANGER for the coveted December spot!

Update on Summer

While we were suppose to start in April, the Provincial shutdown has prevented any hockey from going on in the Province.  Until two weeks ago, the Province has allowed hockey to return only as follows:

  1. National Sports Organizations (Hockey Canada)
  2. Provincial Sports Organizations (Minor Hockey Associations)
  3. Hockey Canada Licensed Skills Instructors
  4. Professional Hockey Players (get paid, not pay to play!)

If you fall into one of those four categories, you are legally allowed to rent ice but still must maintain physical distancing, and no more than 10 on the ice and bench.  This obviously prevents any kind of game play to occur.  As far as adult hockey leagues, this is a no go.  We are currenting in Phase 2 Stage 2, and traditional hockey is only to appear in Phase 2, Stage 4.  All hockey decisions have been downloaded to the OHF who is responsible for following the Province of Ontario’s laws.  I am sure some of you know people already on the ice, but we can tell you that if they are not part of the above 4 scenarios, you can find yourself getting smacked with a very large fine for violating the Provincial Special Order.

As we look to see how soon we advance through these stages, the PHN is putting in place contingency plans based on moving dates.  It is our hope that we may see some sort of a summer season but only time will tell.  We will be making a call on the summer season in the next couple of weeks based on what the Province decides.

The PHN when we are allowed to return, will make sure that we are taking all the necessary precautions that are required by law, and that make sense to ensure the safety of our ripped and fit PHN athletes.  What hockey will look like when we get back may certainly be different, but we do know hockey will be back!

At this time, we will be updating our site on a weekly basis.  We may be holding a Commissioner’s Zoom meeting soon for all to attend so we can spend it just making fun of Chelly.

See you on the ice…..soon.

The Commissioners

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