And The Oil select……

The Oil, by virtue of having the highest regular season ranking (3rd) of the series winners, is awarded the right to choose their choice of opponents in the semifinals………………..

and The Oil select……..


“We only played them once this season, and when we did, we were impressed with their work effort in getting up the stairs to the rink. ┬áThen they STUNK! Turbo and Mel Dawg think they run a team of thoroughbreds and mustangs…. as Tsanger put it, they are nothing but a bunch of DONKEYS!! The North Stars are just reckless, and a danger to every body in the league including themselves. Plus, Chelly thinks he is too cool for school, and well, the Bombers will blow that idea up! Speaking of the Bombers…. nah, actually no one was.”, said loud mouth Marco Di Carlo of The Oil when asked his opinion at the The Oil Golf Tournament held today at Wooden Sticks.

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