Bombers Win! Bombers Win! Bombers Win!

In a dominant performance, the Bombers took it to the North Stars to win the PHN 2018-2019 Championship!!!!  Eric Gold scored the game winner to not only seal the victory for the Bombers, but lead the playoffs in points along with the regular season.  Such dominance will surely be sought after in this coming summer’s draft, which is happening this Friday!

Congrats to Sam Buttice and Alex Zaritsky for navigating the management waters and being able to sign several superstars and keep under the cap.  Dubas would be wise to take some notes from these two playas!!!

Gerry was a wall in net, pulling out his best performance of the playoffs while Alex Bruno was a dominant force helping offensively.  Zelditch made one of his rare appearances but made it count and got his name put on the Cup!  He was later seen partying Ovi style in the snow bank outside that the Zamboni created, we all hope Yura has all his shots!

Last, but not least, the PHN would like to thank Buttice and Zaritsky for the cheque for $5,000 made out to cash that was given to us before the game.

Congratulations Bombers!!!  Stay fit during the off-season and get ready to defend your title starting Monday!!!!!!!!!

See you on the ice!

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