Check out the new playoff format !

3 rounds playoff  start Monday March 2, 2020
No game on March 16
Championship April 6, 2020.


3 game round robin top 3 teams will play bottom 3 teams. Top 3 are Oil Flames North Stars  bottom 3 are Wendys Chiefs  Mustangs. For schedule teams 2 are 3 are not decided and all that will be affected right now is the schedule of the games.
WEEK 1 is   3-4  2-5  1-6
WEEK 2 is 1-4  2-6  3-5
WEEK 3 is 3-6  1-5   2-4
NOTE: total even distribution of start times is not possible this is as scattered as it gets.
For a victory winner of the game gets 3 points
If there is a tie at end of regulation  each team gets 2 points  then a 4 minute 3 on 3 overtime, winner gets the extra point.
If tied – too bad – each team gets 2 points. 


Teams are re-seeded 1 thru 6 from the total points accumulated.

Ist TIE BREAKER:  Net of plus minus. Example  12 goals for  4 goals against, this team would have net 8. Team 2 had 10 goals for 2 against net 8.  Both teams still tied as net 8 for each.
2nd TIE BREAKER:  fewest goals allowed, therefore team would go through as they had a score of 2, lower number goes through.
In a rare example of a 3rd TIE BREAKER, most goals for would go through and if still tied, season rankings.


Game 4, after teams are re-seeded, 1-6  2-5  3-4  will play one more game.
Points accumulated from round robin are kept.
Again 3 points for a victory 2 for a tie.
However after the 4 minute overtime we go to a shoot out to earn the extra point..
All rules of tie breakers in Round 1 stay in place.

Round 3: Championship night, April 6th. 

Teams are re-seeded form total results of 4 games.
1 will play 2 for Championship
3 will play 4 for Mellon Bowl (Booty Bowl)
5 will play 6 for toilet Bowl.

5 minute 3:3 overtime followed by shoot out until winner.

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