Dom Walters wins the Damian Lastoria Award!

Congratulations to Dom Walters of the Mustangs who is this season’s recipient of the Damian Lastoria Award!!!

Every season we present to a PHN player the Damian Lastoria Award. This award goes to a deserving player who exemplifies the characteristics that we all think of when we think of Damian. Someone who is the ultimate teammate and friend, a guy who no matter what the situation is the ultimate sportsman, and is always supportive of his friends. Someone that battles through hardship without complaining, and someone that you are better off for knowing.  If you never met Damian and want to know who he was, or want to just remind yourself of our friend, visit the following site which has an incredible video showing just how he touched so many lives!

Dom is one of those guys and it was a unanimous vote when his name was put forward! Not only did he receive the award, but also took home a Championship scoring the game winning goal, something Damian did in grandiose fashion himself!!  Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the night.  Congrats Dom, and in honour of Damian, he was our first star in the Championship game!  

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