Double Dealing! One game swap a first ever in the PHN!

A shocker unfolded at centre Ince before the PHN’s last late game.

Four players were traded right before puck drop!

PHN announcer JSB was in the booth and announced the trade between the The Oil and Nords.

“I have never ever, ever ever, seen anything like it” said JSB.

It was JSB who broke the news to the players over the PS system, telling Kapper and Tsanger from the Oil they were dealt to the Nords in exchange for Everybody loves Jerry Pags and The Godfather, who strikes fear into the hearts of most men.

The jersey exchange took a few minutes as most players on both teams were perplexed.

And that was just how the GM’s Dunner and Adult film star Alfie wanted it.

“Look,” said Adult film star Alfie of the Nords “when you’re in search of your first win halfway though the season you gotta get a little loco.”

“I’m all for shaking things up,” said Nords player Niner who has traded himself in the past as a manager, “but what our boss and Dunner cooked up here is more than a little loco, it was mucho loco, and that’s why like it.”

Dunner, who didn’t even tell his co captain cousin Marcus the trade was happening until it was happening, said that he as inspired by Hollywood plot twists in brokering the swap. 

“You should never be predictable,” said Dunner, who has one the league’s most predictably bad slap shots.

Dumb and Dumber

For the players involved, this deal was a wild ride.

During the game none of them were told it was a one game deal.

Kapper moved the back end and was solid on the point for the Nords.

He didn’t let his injured pride affect his game.

“If this was a movie, I think it’s Dumb and Dumber” said Kapper.

 “I guess they didn’t like my playlist before the game,” he added. “I picked some 80’s bangers just as assigned, so I really don’t know what the motivation was for the trade.”  

Both teams were looking for a spark though and Dunner was pleased to see the players motivated for vengeance.

“Everybody loves Jerry was all over the ice, Tsanger had a breakaway and GF has two apples,” said Dunner.

Backcheck backlash possible 

“Was it perfectly managed well maybe not,”  said Adult film star Alfie.

“I mean having an analyst in the booth would have helped and I would be happier if we had won, but overall I think this deal showed anything is possible in the PHN”

The question is will these players come back to their teams happily.

The Godfather has plans. “Clearly I should be on the top line going back,” he said, “how’s them apples Alife?” 

Everybody love Jerry said “I believe that the Nordiques can turn things around this season and I am going to do my best to help them make that happen!”


On the other hand there’s what Tsanger said to the Oil’s 15 in game time.    

“He told me me to F-myself at the face off dot when I wished him well.”

Can Tsanger and Kapper ever get back into the grease with The Oil?

Or did Dunner do the team a disservice?  

“If this is the show” said Dunner “if you’re not spilling some popcorn and beer you’re not having enough fun.”

Stat tuned.  

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