Flames win Toilet Bowl! Captains Fired! New Captains Named!

Congratulations to the Flames for winning the PHN Winter 2018-2019 Toilet Bowl! It was a bittersweet victory as it saw George T go out in a blaze of glory!

Captains Anthony and Steve were handed the trophy, and then immediately fired by the VP of Corruption, Morgan.  It was sudden, it was harsh, and it was right.  In a quick turnaround, Anthony re-submitted his application with a bottle of Sailor Jerry, a $5 gift card to Tim’s, and $0.46 in Canadian Tire Money and the following statement:

Attn: VP of Corruption

I know you fired me just now.  I know this has to go to a vote to the Captains, however, being who you are, I thought if I could bribe you with what I have in this box, I could get back my Captaincy.  My girlfriend will leave me if I am not a Captain, my family would make me cut the grass this summer, and sadly, I would be forced to hang out with Steve.  So I will make this pledge:  Steve is fired, I sent him to Brampton to play in the development league to hone his skills of trying to make 50% of the games, and I have hired this stud to be my Co-captain!

What do you say champ? Do we have a deal?  I will even make sure he puts pants on and not just wears his suit jacket, shirt and tie like he usually does!

I will be outside under the rink till midnight tonight.  Please save me.

Yours truly,

Former Co-Captain of the Flames Organization

PHN 2018-2019 Toilet Bowl Champion



NOTE:  The VP of Corruption would like to thank all those that applied half heartily for the role of Captain of the Flames.  He is severely dissapointed that the applications did not come in with anything, and that his role as VP of Corruption was not recognized.  As a PHN HR policy, all questionable photos of the applicants that were sent are eligible to be seen on the new subscription based site, WWW. PHNHOTSTARS.XXX which will be launching later this summer as we just installed new cameras in the dressing room.  Glad everyone read the waiver they signed.

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