GM Meetings Continue To Bring About Many Questions

We bring you this live update from the PHN GM meetings taking place in Etobicoke, Ontario at the luxurious KFC on Queensway.

Rumours have been swirling that major changes are in store in the PHN.  Some more topics have been overheard, and we have summarized them for you below:

  1.  Players are missing deadlines to register by ignoring emails.  The PHN is looking into driving to their doors to officially sign them… just kidding, no they aren’t.  “I don’t know what to say, we send out email after email, post it on the website, yet guys come scrambling last second looking for a spot on a team.  You think you can just walk on these days? Forget it, the early bird gets the worm…. or a spot.”

2. While The Oil lead the league in goals against and seem to be a shoe in to win that award, rumour has it that team officials have looked at firing the entire squad, and replacing them with Eric Gold clones in blue pants.

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See Alfie for your box!

3. The Bombers had an impressive 4-1 victory over the Godfathers, but that anomaly doesn’t seem to have impressed PHN brass.  They are still not impressed with the team chemistry, and feel that management just has no clue how to properly get them to gel.  The league has received 3 complaints from members of the Bombers fan club complaining they want either more consistency from the team, or better looking players.

4. The Chiefs have quietly been racking up ticket sales to their home games, in an effort to gain a wild atmosphere at their home games in the playoffs.  Ticket sales at the retirement home where Alfie teaches hockey have been great, but sources are saying that he is now competing against the Girl Guide cookie sales in Vaughan Mills for entertainment dollars.  As an aside, Alfie wants everyone to know he has a lot of Girl Guide cookies for sale if you want any.

See you on the ice,

The Commissioners

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