GM Meetings Reveal Interesting Changes

As the PHN holds their anytime GM meetings, several new things have been tabled and are being voted on by the group to go into effect as early as the PHN Summer 2018 Season!

  1. The firing of the worst ever producing franchise GM’s, which include the Bombers and The Oil, regardless, if they win the Toilet Bowl.  Turbo, a high ranking league official, spoke off the record:  “Every year there are issues with these two teams.  They can’t win, they can’t draft, they draft their buddies who suck, they can’t win, and they have a bad rap among players who don’t want to spend the best years of their careers on these teams.  Every year I try to fire these clowns, but I guess with the Bombers having the VP of Corruption as their GM, that has kept them alive.  The Oil though, I will put my reputation on it that those two jabronis are going to be fired.”

2. Goalie equipment regulations.  Due to numerous goalies not being able to stop the puck, we are looking at instituting a mandatory oversize goalie pad rule to ensure they at       least stop 5% of the shots taken on them.

3. Visors to be mandatory in the league unless you are 78yrs old at the start of the PHN Summer 2018 season.

4. New rules to protect goalies, as in, you can’t TOUCH THE GOALIE or you get 2 min.  No excuses.

5. Three other things I forget.


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