Godfathers and North Stars the clear class of the league!

Mid season report has the Barbutos and Ashton as the clear winners of the draft this summer.  This comes as no surprise, as both clubs invested heavily in the off season in the scouting department, as well as establishing an analytics department.

“In today’s game, you really need to consider multiple aspects of a players game.  We have in-depth analysis of skaters strides, shots, power, and recovery.  Players you may think are just average, actually, when you look at the numbers, reveal the same thing.  That has really given us confidence to say to ourselves that when we think a guy sucks, he really does.  The numbers prove it too!  Our analytics team was able to show us that those players with 2 or less goals in a season, are trending to be non-scoring players.  So when we look for goal scorers, we just don’t pick them!” said team Captain Joseph Barbuto, when asked about the reason for his team’s success.

Clearly, this type of analysis has helped the teams heavily in their season’s success.  However, the same can’t be said for the Chiefs and Bomber organizations.  Contrary to what the North Stars and Godfathers have done, these two teams have gone the other way.  Firing all their analytics and scouting departments in a bid to boost profits, the teams have been nothing short of an ultimate fail on the ice.

“Look, teams these days are putting way to much trust in analytics and scouting.  We look at guys and take our gut feeling on them.  It is about chemistry.  It is about what that guy when push comes to shove will do.  Sure, some of our players have never scored before at all, but why does that mean they won’t this season? How many seasons can you go without scoring?  They are bound to break out, and that is our strategy.  Go with the guys that have had no success, as you can’t always be bad, can you?  EXACTLY!” said Bombers Co-Captain Morgan Matthews.

What do you think, scouting and analytics, or drafting with zero clue of what you are doing?  Who will be more successful this season?

See you on the ice!

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