“I’m kind of a big deal.” Another wild week in PHN parity trades!

The PHN summer trade deadline came to a close with  another four players moved in competition committee engineered trades.

These trades are desiigned to improve balance across the league and decided is short, professional meetings that do not involve and beer or bullshitting.

Interestingly all four players involved told the PHN scribe the same thing in reaction to the moves.

Stars and Nords at it again

First the Stars and Nords did a defensive specialist deal with Turbo going from green and gold to French blue in exchange for Tom C.

 “I’m kind of a big deal” said Turbo, and “Captain Moe, I’ll see you on the other side, b*tch.”

“Me too” said Tom C, “on the big deal thing. Not the part about Captain Moe.”  

Tom C, is just getting used to life back in the league. 

He just re-entered the PHN after a stint in Europe, said the French spoken in the Nords room was not as elegant as the French he heard overseas.  

“Actually there’s no French at all. It’s kind of a disappointment. And there’s not even a French name on any of the jerseys. Sakic’s not French.”

The PHN VP of Corruption (aka “15)”  said the deal kept both teams within the salary cap and he did not collect a commission on the transaction. 

Oil and Wendy’s trade big deal for big deal

The other deal saw smooth skating playmaker James Lang leaving the Wendy’s to come to Oil for smooth skating playmaker Anthony Talotta.

Both these guys also can tend to be out of position at times, which is one reason why their speed is so important.

“I’m kind of a big deal” said Lang, “so of course the Oil wanted me.  The Wendy’s are gonna regret this.”

As for Talotta, well he played coy.  “I’ll try not to hurt the Oil too bad on Monday” he said.

“But I am kind of a big deal, so I might not be able to help it.”

PHN PA President Mel Dawg said that he was satisfied and the union endorses the moves but “For F sakes is everybody a bid deal these days?

I guess the union is doing its job then!” 

The PHNPA is looking into relocation per diems for all players involved.

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