PHN Rookie Rock Star Award

Of course the playoffs start tonight but that’s not only competition in the PHN.

It’s going to be a tight race for the PHN Rookie Rock Star Award, and the legions of PHN followers need help in casting their fan ballots.

Fortunately the PHN Scribe is here for them with the rookie round up!

There are seven PHN rookies this season – three on the Wendy’s, two wear Chiefs sweaters and one each skate for the Oil and Stars.

Each player was posed the exact same questions and as you will see – results varied!

Wendy’s Wonderkids

First of all their keeper Jessie has been stellar between the pipes, and apparently he’s also been doing good work between the sheets.

He’s just become a new Dad, another shining example that most goalies in the PHN know how to score.

Unfortunately this also means he’s been too busy to respond to the Rookie Rock Star questionnaire, so good luck there Daddio getting any votes from undecided fans.

Next up from the blue and white is Semper.  

This guy did not respond to the questionnaire either and frankly that stinks.  

So too does his gear apparently. 

Here’s what his captain Joe had to say about that subject.

“He has never aired out his bag and it smells like he opens up his @$$%0^* when you sit beside him.

It’s bad.”


Okay well fans if you like your players to sport ripe gear, this is where your ballot belongs.

But now onto the last newbie for the burger franchise – The Liebs.

Liebs answered all the questions and here are his unedited replies.

How would you describe to your rookie year PHN experience?

My rookie year had been a great learning experience, getting to know my team mates and learning from the best. I feel my game has improved immensely, I’m almost a threat on the ice.

Who is your role model PHN’er and why?

My role model on and off the ice would be Joseph Barbuto. His locker room presence is second to none. I one day aspire to be a leading goal scorer in the PHN just like Joe!

Which PHN teams are on your no trade list – and how come? 

The Liebs did not answer this question.  We assume that means he’ll play anywhere that pays.  

Kind of like the Biebs.

Who has the best flow in the PHN?

the best flow in the PHN definitely is our goal tender Jessie, his hair just flows on and off the ice and he’s a stellar goal tender, might be top in the league.

How do you feel about the PHN entry salary?

I have a saying usually, that I don’t get paid enough to work, well in the PHN, I seem to be working really hard for no pay? What gives boys, haven’t seen a pay cheque as of yet, in fact I have less money then when I started ???? 

Do you think you’re ready for the playoffs? 

I feel ready for the playoffs. I’ve been developing my tenacious play over the past 20 weeks in the PHN!! 

Have you heard of the Steve Myska School of Breakaways?

I have no idea who Steve Myska is, but I’m sure he’s a great guy.

Remember this Rookie facts: 

A lot of people call me Liebs, some people call me the Croatian sensation, I also go by Liebermano in some Italian circles.  

I air out my gear after every game, gotta keep it fresh!

Go to celly song:

Probably eye of the tiger, need some Rocky inspiration when I score!! 

Chiefs Challengers

Okay so there are 2 rooks on the Chiefs but the squad remains a sh*t show as the playoffs begin.

First of all Captain Alfie “Adult Film Star” would confirm or deny the team had any rookies because that’s team policy.

Then he forgot the policy and confirmed the team has two rookies. 

When confronted with his own data breach he said “We were hacked.” 


So moving on PHN Scribe tied to reach the rookie Langer, but he was so far behind the opposing team’s D that he was on the other rink.

The one in the dark, where’s there’s no ice. Which might be why he’s been missing some games lately.

The other rookie in white and blue is Wild Bill. 

He looked at the questionnaire.  

Then he said “Who the f is calling me a rookie?

Maybe they need a lesson in old time hockey.” 

After that he sort of growled and flashed some hockey teeth. 

The Oil Rig Rook

The Oil only have one rookie, The Marksman.   If you want to know how good a shot he is watch this.

He’s obviously the fan favourite.  

And the only rookie in the league who’s not afraid to bring a performance enhancing drug right onto the bench. 

We actually have no idea what’s in that coffee cup of a national brand that’s yet to sign a marketing deal with the PHN.

Maybe it’s mocha.  Maybe not.


The PHN hasn’t seen this since 2-5 used to snort crushed lines of Robax Platinum off the blade of his stick.

How would you describe to your rookie year PHN experience?

It’s been it’s been a good year. I’ve had pretty good teammates good line mates.

Who is your role model PHN’er and why?

My brother Gerry is one them.  For sure. And Kuz. Definitely,.  We’ve had it out a couple times this year on the bench after some, some bad plays. Probably all the captains here. Not just you guys. Like even all the other captains. 

Which PHN teams are on your no trade list – and how come? 

All of them every single one? Yeah, I only want to play for you guys. And that’s it. All right. And I don’t think I have too many friends on the other team at the moment.

Who has the best flow in the PHN?

It’s gotta be me. It’s gonna be me. 100% me or whoever that goalie was with the dreads a couple of weeks ago. We played a goalie with dreadlocks. I don’t remember what team that was. But it’s close man. I’d say me and him.

How do you feel about the PHN entry salary?

I’m gonna I’m gonna ask for more. I didn’t know what I was coming into this year. I think when I came in, I think Morgan had me rated as a C player. So I couldn’t command a lot of salary. But I think next year I’m gonna get some. I’m gonna get a bump.

I’m gonna get a bump

.Do you think you’re ready for the playoffs? 

Yeah, definitely gearing up for the last three weeks I’ve been missing every single breakaway just gear it up so I don’t miss and then the playoffs.

Have you heard of the Steve Myska School of Breakaways?

What is that?

It’s what you’ve been doing. 


That’s what it is. 

The Steve Myska school of break aways? 


I’ve been missing a lot. Yeah 

Remember this Rookie facts: 

I coach pro junior tennis players for tennis Canada. So I guess that’s something that no one would probably think of.

I air out my gear every single time. I have a locker down in the basement and people complain in the condo so I have to air it out.

Any aliases?

No, but I’ve had a bunch of guys call me a bunch of stuff this year. But those aren’t really aliases. 

Go to celly song:

Something from like Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg. 

Northstars Newbie

Finally rounding out the rookies is the Northstar Newbie known as Youngblood.

He’s related to Niner, or that’s the story from the Stars front office.

We let Youngblood answer by video because well he’s the only one who agreed to be on camera.

See it by clicking the link above.

Rookie mistake!

Stay tuned for voting details on the Rookie Rock Star contest!   

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