PHN Winter Opening Night Rosters 2013-2014

PHN Nation,

The Commissioners were hard at work putting together the final touches of the draft, when the first name was called out:

“It is my privilege and honour, as a member of Team 2, and the current PHN Summer 2013 CHAMPION, to draft first overall, from parts unknown, none other than PETER TSANG!” said Commissioner and PHN Summer 2013 Champion Jason Cohn.

As Tsang came to the podium, the fans in attendance were going crazy, and chanting for another championship!

Jerseys and socks will be supplied to ALL PLAYERS this season, and they are currently having the final touches done to them.  We will unveil them over the next two weeks before the second game of the season, when you will switch from TEAM # to Team XXXXX.  Look at the website often as we unveil the jerseys!

For this coming week, we ask that you bring dark and light jerseys to the game.

See you on the ice!

The Commissioners

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