Playoff Matchups SET!!!


The first round of the playoffs are all set!  After a great regular season, we have some amazing matchups that are looking like there will be some definite upsets.  The might Mustangs finished off in first place, taking home the Commissioners Cup! But, will that guarantee them an easy path to the finals and a chance to hoist the ultimate prize?

The Oil will have something to say about that.  Led by Petey and 25, they have been in the basement ever since the second week when teams had points.  Fearful for their jobs, look for them to really inspire The Oil to make sure they don’t hit the Toilet Bowl.  Interim VP of Everything That Petey Sucks At, Marco has issued the following statement to The Oil:

“If we win the series versus the Mustangs, FREE WINGS FOR ALL!!”

With food on the line, and The Oil having a long history with food, this match may not be the cake walk that the Mustangs believe it will be.

Prediction: THE OIL

The Oil 2pts  Mustangs 2pts – The Oil win in OT

The Godfathers who just missed out on 1st place, will be taking on the up and down Bombers.  The Bombers have been suffering from horrific leadership, with them not even able to ice a full squad all year.  The Commissioners Office has already filed preliminary paperwork to fire the Captains.  Will this be the last series the Bombers dynamic duo of The Kuz and 15 play together in the black and yellow?  Will the Godfathers finally put them out of their misery for good?

Prediction: BOMBERS

Godfathers 4pts  Bombers 0pts

Last, but certainly not least, the perennial golden boys of the PHN, the North Stars are on a mission to retire Chelly’s hat with a final spot embroidered with a championship.  They take on the Chiefs and Five Hole Alfie.  Will Chelly keep skating through players with his elbows up claiming he isn’t? Will he still play his reckless way that the league has come to know and Chelly deny even though the video evidence says he is crazy, and certifiable? Will Chelly go Five Hole on Alfie, who is afraid of the Five Hole?  More importantly, what North Stars team shows up as they too have suffered from players pulling no shows last minute.  This series is a disaster just waiting to happen, and we are all excited to see it!

Prediction: CHIEFS

Chiefs 3pts North Stars 1pt

Series are two games with the most points winning it.  For the first round, if at the end of 2 games the series is tied in points, we go to a 5min sudden death OT 3v3.  If no goals are scored, then we move to a 3 player sudden death shootout.  If no winner emerges, it is a sudden death shootout, with no shooter taking a second shot till everyone has shot once.

The three winners will advance to the semi-finals.  The WILD CARD 4th spot, will be awarded to the team based on the following:

  1. Most points in the first round
  2. Most wins in the first round
  3. Regular season standings

(for the sake of wins and points, OT does not count)

Good luck everyone and see you on the ice!

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