Playoffs are here PHN! BOOM! Wait for it……. BOOOOM!

Playoffs are here PHN!!!!!!!

BOOOM! Lots of booms coming!

First round has been set. Match ups are intense. BOOM.

Godfather vs. Mustangs
In this match up you would think 1 vs. 6 is a no brainer pick ’em but Vegas odds are seeing the smart money starting to shift to the Godfathers. Watch for a resurgent Barbuto clan to pick up their game and make a series of it.

Flames vs. North Stars
The North Stars have Championship pedigree. They win. They have won. The Scouties aren’t giving the Flames much chance, especially since they lost their superstar defenseman 25 to a freak chicken wing accident that he got while partying with Flames forward Petey…. Can the Flames ignite the passion within them and finally start to play like a team?

Chiefs vs. Bombers

In probably the match up no one cares about, you have two teams with leadership that has miserably failed in getting their teams going.  So much so, Vegas isn’t even taking bets on it, except prop bets on whether or not the Chiefs goalie will stop more shots than goals.



2 game total points, 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie.  If at the end of the 2nd game, points are tied, they enter in to a 5 min running time OT (no line changes on whistles) sudden death.  If still tied, 5 player shootout where no player can shoot twice until everyone has shot.

The three series winners will advance to the semis.  The 4th wild card spot who plays the highest regular seeded team is determined by:

1. Wins

2. Most Points

3. Regular season standings (Stangs, North Stars, Chiefs, Bombers, Flames, Godfathers)


Bottom two teams face off in a 2 game epic match for the prestigious Toilet Bowl!  OT if required is as above after the second game.


1 game semi with the same OT format


1 game on Championship Night with same OT format


1 game final with 5v5 Sudden Death OT till a goal is scored. NO SHOOTOUT.

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