Red Pants Traded in for Stripes

In a stunning about face, Red Pants traded in his gorgeous red pants for the pinstripes and made his start on the ice reffing!

When asked about his performance, PHN members were really vocal and all wanted to have a say:

“Seriously? That arm is not straight, it isn’t.  How do you expect a coach to not put out a line change when the guy can’t keep it up???”

“I saw him call an offside.  The only thing offside was the call.  Seriously? Does he know what a blue line is?”

“Can you really ask a guy to ref a game and make close calls when his call is to wear red pants???”

“The first time I met Red Pants I thought I met one of the coolest guys out there.  Then he had two goals in a game, I was on a breakaway at the end of the game on an open net as they pulled the goalie.  Next thing I know I am on my butt and Red Pants took me out, and got the empty net goal for the hattie.  Two hats were thrown on the ice.  He picked up each one, pulled a Sharpie from his pants, signed them and threw them back in to the stands. Yeah…..”

Hope Santa brings Red Pants, well…. another colour of pants this Christmas!

See you on the ice!


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