Thank you PHN’ers for doing the right thing

A shout out here to PHN’ers for doing the right thing!

On Sunday March 20th, six PHN players were playing on a team in another league.

One of the guys tested positive on Monday March 21 and told us about it.

We asked the rest of the guys to sit out that night and they all agreed.

It was chaos trying to make things work that night but it was the right way to go.

Thanks to GF for finding a goalie with less than 90 minutes notice!

Thanks to our spares who did double duty.

Big thanks to all those guys who sat out for understanding and stepping back.

This week, one of those exposed players tested positive – and is taking himself out for the second week in a row.

Four other PHNer’s tested positive this week so far, came forward and are all sitting out.

Thanks to them for looking our for others as well.

The player who tested positive last Sunday is now testing negative and symptom free.

He will continue to monitor himself before Monday’s game, which he may return for if he remains symptom free.

Good news is that two more PHN’ers are coming back from earlier cases.

Welcome back!

Now we have our policy in place for confirmed cases and exposures and hope to be able to respond more quickly.

We have no influence over the big picture. We know guys will have risks and exposures all over the place.

We’re just trying to do our very best where we can our dressing room mask policy, case rule and exposure rule.

This will keep the PHN community safe and as many players on the ice as possible.

Thanks all PHN’ers for being patient as we’ve worked though this and keep working through it.

Stay as safe as you can and good luck on the ice!

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