Vegas drops releases prop bets for tonight’s action!


Just got off the phone and spoke with sports book at Caesar’s.  The following props are in play for tonight’s game against the


Prop #1: Mel Dawg does not play the 3rd period – 3-2 odds

Prop #2: There is always a Cote on the ice – 1:1 odds

Prop #3: Turbo performs full stops and starts 100:1 odds

North Stars:

Prop #1: North Stars defense actually make an outlet pass instead of rushing it – 6-2 odds

Prop #2: Ashton passes the puck – 4:3 odds


Prop #1: Over/Under on Tsang having 3 clear sure goals that he doesn’t score – Over 3:2 odds, Under 10:3 odds


Prop #1:  They allow less than 50 shots on net – 7:5 odds


Prop #1: Alfie lets a goal in 5 hole – 9:5 odds


Prop #1: Everyone makes puck drop – 145:1 odds

See you in Vegas baby!!

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