As we continue to be quarantined at home, I have no doubt you are all getting in even better shape with all the extra time to workout and lift weights.  When we return, and we will return, the PHN is going to be on fire with the show of athleticism on display!

As of right now, we are still in limbo, waiting on what the Federal and Provincial governments do in terms of easing the current restrictions in place.  We are running daily virtual meetings among the Commissioners and our experts in scheduling and beer to come up with an ever evolving solution to the season upon our return.

Many scenarios are in play, and we are really trying to figure out how we can have an end to the season and declare a winner.

We hope everyone is doing well, healthy, looking after themselves and family and friends, and not getting TOO RIPPED….

See you on the ice (at some point….),

The Commissioners

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