This Weeks Key Matchup: Bombers vs Godfathers

Fresh from a mud bath Molicious and the Bombers look to keep rolling after last weeks upset over PHN’s 1st Place Mustangs.  With Captain 15 out on disability leave, The Bombers seem to have tightened as a group.  Rumour has it Assistant Captain Kuz was left in the dark while the starting lineup was set up before last weeks game.

Should the Godfathers take the Bombers down however, they could potentially take first place away from the Mustangs who are trending down at the moment.

Other PHN notes;

The Bus is on the mend.  Looks like the battle with Gout is subsiding and the stud the oilers traded for could be in the lineup on the regular.

Andrew Bellydance will be out indefinitely with sports hernia surgery.  Another swift trade by the North Stars…

Rob “Madman” Mossy has been MIA for weeks…  North Stars haven’t seen him.  Have you??

15 has the clap.  It’s curable.  He will return, likely next week.

Goldy of the Chiefs has 8 goals in the past two games against Chappy and the North Stars.  Should be an interesting night.


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