• Final Week Highlights!

    Check out the footage from the final weeks of the regular season in the PHN!

  • PHN Issues 3rd Lifetime Ban

    The PHN Commissioner’s Office is banning Eric Turmel for life.  This is due to his actions as a substitute goalie in which he verbally abused the officials both on and off the ice.  We remind players that at no time is this acceptable, and that if there are issues with the referees, the ONLY action that should be taken is to speak with the Commissioners …

  • Capitals lose THE WARRIOR, will North Stars sparkle?

    Recent developments have been reported coming from the Capitals camp.  Apparently their heart and soul, THE WARRIOR will not be making the lineup tonight against the Twinkle North Stars and Chris Ashton.  What does this mean to the Capitals chances? The Warrior is the man! After all, check out this photo before a PHN game a couple of weeks ago, dressed in war paint and …

  • The PHN Summer 2014 Playoffs are HERE!

    The playoffs are HERE folks! So you wanna know how they work? It is all here! Two game total points series will start us off, with series based on the regular season final standings 1st – North Stars vs 6th – Capitals 2nd – Kings vs 5th – Flames 3rd – Oilers vs 6th – Canucks Total points  win the series:  2 points for a …

  • Suspensions handed down

    This week, the Commissioners Office handed out the following suspensions following a review of the video evidence which was recorded during the game between the Flames and Canucks on Monday, July 21, 2014. Donny Easterbrook of the Flames was suspended for 1 game for facemasking. This will be served this week (July 28, 2014). Rob MacAlpine of the Canucks was suspended for 2 games.  1 …

  • Audino’s STAG this FRIDAY!!!

    Fellow PHNer’s! We have one of our own that has decided to go down that deadly road we call marriage. Vincent Audino from the Audino Clan will be getting married late this summer and a Stag is being planned. Any one that is interested in participating please contact Joe Audino (416-456-6909) or by email The stag is planned for THIS FRIDAY, July 18th and …

  • PENALTY Warnings!!

      Just a courtesy warning from the Commissioner’s Office to those approaching TWENTY (20) minutes in penalties!  If you hit 20 minutes in penalties you will be AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FOR ONE (1) GAME!  This is AUTOMATIC and will be served the following game, including into the playoffs.

  • Capitals acquire rights to Cohn?

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! In what can only be described as a shady move, VP of Corruption moves on Flames GM Peter Tsang and captures this live call on video! Check it out, does Tsang think ill of his team? Does the VP of C have Tsang in his back pocket??? BOOM!


    If you asked North Stars GM Chris Ashton what he thought about the North Stars being in first place at this point in the season, he would probably tell you it was never a doubt in his mind.  If you asked the pundits and talking heads, they would tell you it was a surprise, because Ashton is known to ruin a dressing room, and those …

  • Three new videos have hit the site!!

    PHN, Three new videos have hit the site! 1. THE UGLIES – yes, you all suck! 2. CLOSE CALLS – OK, you don’t SUCK but it is close! 3. Morgan Matthews debuts in net! CLICK BELOW FOR THEM:

  • Updates to the WEBSITE

    Chris Ashton has told us that some of you actually check the website!!! NOw that we know that, we have a noon the next day promise of updates! That is right, NOON the next day promise to have the site updated! If not, please send an email to and if you register your complaint in time, we will be drawing for prizes! See you …

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