• COHN’s stay with Kings cut short!

    It was a failed experiment, and King’s management pulled the plug on it after only a couple of weeks. The struggling Kings looking to bolster their team’s overall defense and scoring only went downhill since acquiring Cohn from the Flames. “We thought we were getting a A rated superstar, someone who could not only help reduce our goals against, but also move the puck to …

  • KINGS vs. CANUCKS Monday, January 27, 2014

    In a thrilling game, the Canucks come back after forfeiting a healthy lead to win the game in dramatic fashion! Watch the highlights here! BOOOM! See you on the ice! PHN week 14 – Kings vs Canucks from Pro Hockey Network on Vimeo.

  • KINGS trade for the CHEESE! New VIDEO!

    The Commissioner’s Office can confirm that today, the Kings have traded Eli Yufest for Chris “Cheese” Marchese from the North Stars! Trade is effective immediately, and that the Kings are busy in preparing a jersey for the Cheese! See you on the ice, The Commissioners Cheesy for Yufest from Pro Hockey Network on Vimeo.

  • Goal of the Year Candidate!!!!

    Goal of the year candidate can be seen at 5:47, where Dominic Walters completely undresses the Oilers for a highlight reel goal!!! BOOOM BABY BOOOM!!! PHN – week 12 – Jan 13 from Pro Hockey Network on PHN TV.


    The following players have been suspended for 1 game, to be served on Monday, January 20, 2014. The Commissioners have issued the following based upon them speaking with the referees, actually seeing the event, and watching the video footage (see below). John Gargano of the Flames – 1 game for UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT Cody Horner of the Canucks – 1 game for ROUGHING Joe Barbuto of …

  • Why doesn’t Ashton get videos up?

    A lot of people have been writing in and stopping the Commissioner’s and asking just one single question: “Why can’t that soap on a rope, Chris Chelios sweater wearing, elbow throwing video taking guy Chris Ashton not get videos up in a timely fashion?” We discovered the answer, or at least our take on it. He can’t see. The end. See you on the ice!

  • Happy New Year PHN! Here comes 2014!

    PHN, Happy New Year’s everyone! For those heading out to celebrate, keep your eyes out for the VP of Corruption. He likes to photobomb pics on New Year’s Eve and is constantly crashing parties. If you are lucky enough to run into him, please send us your pics with him and we will post them! For everyone else, have a safe and happy New Year’s, …

  • Merry Christmas PHN!

    Here is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas throughout the PHN nation! While you may not be playing hockey, hope the holidays are treating everyone well and all the best! See you on the ice, The Commissioners

  • PHN will return January 6, 2014!

    PHN, We are officially on the winter break! We will return on Monday, January 6, 2014! Some shout outs: 1. Congrats to the Flames for ending 2013 in 1st place! 2. Mike Stolf heads into 2014 as the scoring leader with 26pts (15G, 11A), 4 ahead of Chad Accursi of the Kings! 3. Nicholas Lacaria is our goalie leader with an impressive 3.22 GAA and …

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