• INTERNET is down, games will be posted at a later date

    ,Dear PHN, Bell Canada had serious issues and our internet at the arena was down last night.  Due to this, the games will not be listed on Pointstreak till the internet is fixed.  We have a technician coming today and hope to have the issue resolved.  In the meantime, The Godfather would like everyone to know he scored 5 goals, had 4 assists and beat …

  • Penalty UPDATE

    PHN, This is an update to the penalty rules. Previously, once you reached six (6) minutes in penalties, you were ejected from the game.  The following is the revised format: 1. Three (3) penalties and an automatic balance of game with the possibility of further punishment. 2. Eight (8) minutes in penalties and an automatic balance of game with the possibility of further punishment. Remember, …

  • Suspension

    Rob Hansel has been suspended 1 game for kneeing.  The incident occurred during the game against the Flames on November 4, 2013.  The suspension will be served tonight, November 18, 2013 against the Flames.

  • Rob Santangelo backstops the Canucks against the North Stars

    Rob Santangelo was dressed in his Canuck’s Flying V jersey to take on the North Stars.  How did he do?  Santangelo will be doing a press conference later this week in the parking lot to address all questions! See you on the ice!

  • Uniform Violations get you 2 MINUTES!

    PHN, Now that we have handed out full uniforms, anyone not wearing their team SOCKS and JERSEY will be issued a 2 minute penalty.  This will not be served in the box or against your team, however, it will count towards your penalty minutes, meaning it gets you closer to an automatic game suspension. Here we interview an anonymous PHN member about the new uniforms …

  • Got a problem? We have the tools to fix it!

    Ever have problems you need fixed but think to yourself, “Self, how the hell would I fix this?????” Check out this YouTube video sent in by one of our esteemed members of the PHNPA!  

  • The Big Reveal Part 2

    BOOOOM! Now we have revealed two jerseys!!! Old school caps, followed by the greatest team to ever play in the NHL, the Flames!!! Shades of Lanny’s ‘stache hoisting the CUP, and let’s not forget, Joe Nieuwendyk, #25, winning his first of 3 Stanley Cups! Do I need to go on????  I can…. What will the third jersey be? Who will wear it ? Will Al …

  • Can’t see the game times?

    BOOOM! You can now! 8:30pm    Team 6 vs Team 2 9:30pm    Team 1 vs Team 5 10:30pm Team 4 vs Team 3


    PHN Winter Opening Night Rosters 2013-2014 PHN Nation, The Commissioners were hard at work putting together the final touches of the draft, when the first name was called out: “It is my privilege and honour, as a member of Team 2, and the current PHN Summer 2013 CHAMPION, to draft first overall, from parts unknown, none other than PETER TSANG!” said Commissioner and PHN Summer …

  • PHN Winter 2013-2014 Evaluation Skate Rosters

    PHN Eval Skate Winter 2013-2014   REMEMBER, PLEASE BRING A LIGHT AND DARK SWEATER AND YOUR “A” GAME!   IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES, OR ARE LEFT OFF THE ROSTERS, PLEASE CONTACT:   Nick “The Godfather” Lapiccirella” at NICK@PROHOCKEYNETWORK.COM   See you on the ice! The Commissioners

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