• PHN Insiders with a juicy first!

    This just in from the PHN Insiders: Marner will be given a $12-12.5 million dollar offer sheet by the Montreal Canadiens and he will sign it to go play with his London Knight teammate Max Domi. Marnsy will look AWESOME in a Habs jersey! Sorry Leafers…. The PHN Insiders

  • Happy Canada Day!

    Courtesy of: Canadian Affair @

  • Drum roll……… Here are your teams for the Summer 2019 season!

    A successful draft saw it all! First ever Instagram broadcast, Captain being fired, trades approved, rejected, no pants, and the list goes on!  Captains will be getting the contact info later today (Saturday), but here are your teams, so come ready!! Schedule is already up! 2019 PHN Summer Draft Team Lists 13Apr19  

  • Flames win Toilet Bowl! Captains Fired! New Captains Named!

    Congratulations to the Flames for winning the PHN Winter 2018-2019 Toilet Bowl! It was a bittersweet victory as it saw George T go out in a blaze of glory! Captains Anthony and Steve were handed the trophy, and then immediately fired by the VP of Corruption, Morgan.  It was sudden, it was harsh, and it was right.  In a quick turnaround, Anthony re-submitted his application …

  • Bombers Win! Bombers Win! Bombers Win!

    In a dominant performance, the Bombers took it to the North Stars to win the PHN 2018-2019 Championship!!!!  Eric Gold scored the game winner to not only seal the victory for the Bombers, but lead the playoffs in points along with the regular season.  Such dominance will surely be sought after in this coming summer’s draft, which is happening this Friday! Congrats to Sam Buttice …

  • The Damian Lastoria Award – Winter 2018-2019 Season

    Every season we present to a PHN player the Damian Lastoria Award.  This award goes to a deserving player who exemplifies the characteristics that we all think of when we think of Damian.  Someone who is the ultimate teammate and friend, a guy who no matter what the situation is the ultimate sportsman, and is always supportive of his friends.  Someone that battles through hardship …

  • The Playoffs are here! PHN Playoffs 101!

    The PHN Winter 2018-2019 Playoffs are here!!  All you need to know about the playoffs below: Format 2 game series with total points (2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie) If teams are tied at the end of the second game in points, then the following will happen: 5 min sudden death 3v3 OT If no goal is scored, then a 5 …


    BOOOOM! SOLD OUT! Thanks to all those that registered online so quickly, it has made the process much smoother and easier! Draft will be done Friday, April 12, with teams being announced on April 13!!! Expect to start play MONDAY, APRIL 15!!  PHN Summer 2019 Registration is now live!  Extremely limited spots are available on a first come basis! DO NOT REGISTER IF YOU DID …

  • New Photos of the Godfather!!

    PHN, We are pleased to announce a photo display of none other than the Godfather! If you head on over to the photo section, you will see some amazing shots of the GF!  Stay tuned for when we will see photos of some other PHN players featured!

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    For all the latest in PHN news and events, and trash talk, come see us on Instagram!  Tag us with the #PHN #PROHOCKEYNETWORK hash tags! @PROHOCKEYNETWORK

  • Happy New Years PHN!!!

    Happy New Years PHN!!! As 2018 says goodbye, now is a great time to review the first half of the season!  Congrats to everyone on a great first half. Most Points – Eric Gold (29pts) Most Goals – Eric Gold (20 goals) Most Assists – Ron Stevens (12 assists) Most PIMS – Matthew Maida, Anthony Paglia, Chris Ashton (12 minutes) Most GWG – Eric Gold …

  • Red Pants Traded in for Stripes

    In a stunning about face, Red Pants traded in his gorgeous red pants for the pinstripes and made his start on the ice reffing! When asked about his performance, PHN members were really vocal and all wanted to have a say: “Seriously? That arm is not straight, it isn’t.  How do you expect a coach to not put out a line change when the guy …

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